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Q&A: Seriesse Skincare with Dana Lee + Giveaway

Who would have thought that model Jennifer Flavin's modeling career had been potentially hampered by her recurring acne? To look at her almost flawless complexion now, it's hard to imagine. The development of the Seriesse product line started with finding a solution that worked for Jennifer and then grew into Serious Skin Care, a line of products that has been a top-selling brand on television for over twelve years. Building upon a successful line of products, the initial product assortment focused on re-branding a selection of the best in anti-aging skin care from Jennifer Flavin-Stallone’s collection. The addition of NVesse-24, a scientifically formulated cosmeceutical ingredient that creates a breathable moisture barrier between the environment and your skin, sets the line apart from Jennifer’s other products. New and exclusive product introductions are part of the plan, including a line of Green Tea with Acai berry just released in mid-July.

The line and the vision has grown into what is now Seriesse International, with product lines available through the company's independent consultants. I wanted to learn more about what makes Seriesse's skincare and technology different than other brands and products out there. So, it was with good fortune that I had the opportunity to converse with Dana Lee, an independent consultant for Seriesse International. You'll see through our Q&A that this isn't just a job for Dana, she really believes in these products! Here's what she had to say.

How did you come to represent Seriesse? I used Serious Skin Care (their parent company) for years. I was a "team-member". This just let you receive samples and promotions. They sent me emails and letters about the new Seriesse line -- I wasn't interested. Then another person (who sold it) contacted me. She told me more info, and I decided to jump in while I had the chance.

How is Seriesse skincare different than other brands on the market today? IT WORKS! Whatever your skin type, Seriesse has the right products for you. Seriesse has a patented ingredient called NVesse-24. This is a revolutionary breakthrough in the beauty business. This invisible shield locks in moisture (up to 20x its weight) and defends skin from the environment. It also protects the product. Most products on the market start to lose their "active" ingredients as soon as they are opened. NVesse-24 keeps products from degrading when exposed. It helps the products keep their vitamin benefits to the very last drop, unlike others where vitamin benefits are lost shortly after opening the product. Plus, it provides a FULL 24 HOURS of protection; it stays on for 24 hours or until you wash it off.

What is your personal favorite Seriesse product? The Glyco cleanser. It is great for all skin types. It gets all my make-up off. I just love it! In the winter, I sometime switch up with the Vitamin C cleanser as this cleanser also helps to brighten dulled, winter skin.

There is so much in the media today about FIRMING facial skin for a youthful appearance. Does Seriesse have products to address that area, and is firming facial skin important in your opinion? Yes, it is important (if you want that youthful look, and who doesn't). Seriesse has a product called Firmesse. It is great! To me, it is like "liquid botox". You put it on, and you can feel your skin getting tighter. I use mine every morning. You apply it to a clean, dry face/neck. After it is completely dry (your face will feel tight) , you can apply your moisture and any other products. The Firmesse will stay for 24 hours! They also have a full line devoted to firming and lifting. It is called Uplift.

Is Vitamin C really as important to the health of skin as we hear? If so, why? In my opinion, Vitamin C is one of the most important products you can use in your skincare. It doesn't matter what your age--everyone should at least have a Vitamin C serum. It really helps all skin types--protects from environment, reduces lines and repairs skin, restores that "youthful" glow. The Seriesse Vitamin C line is rich in Vitamin C, C-esters, NVesse-24, and a lot of antioxidants and botanicals. This is delivered to your skin via a patented Colloidosome delivery system (helps it get the product into skin faster/better).

Let's talk a little bit about products for the body. What will a product like Seriesse's Celluduction do for consumers that other cellulite products fail to do? Celluduction is a breakthrough topical creme. It has a professional spa concentration of nanofied ingredients (including the NVesse-24). Seriesse's own nanofied delivery system insures the product will *get into* skin faster. Celluduction features a proprietary ingredients complex, which studies show can visibly reduce fat pads and can increase the skin's firmness. This should really help the product work faster and better, as most products just sit on top of skin. [side note: I can attest to how quickly this product absorbs into skin after trying it myself - Roxy]

What other products is Seriesse looking to develop in the near future? A complete make-up line. Seriesse already has one of the best mineral make-ups out there. They introduce new products all the time. A new mascara is "right around the corner".

Dana says the best way to find out how wonderful these products are is to just try them. You may contact her directly for a consultation and product information through her website. I've bombarded her with all kinds of questions in wanting to learn more and she has been completely lovely, patient and very knowledgeable each time - thank you, Dana!

And you, sweet angels, are getting an opportunity to try some of Dana's favorite products from Seriesse's Glyco Essentials line. Well, what can I say, Dana is a living doll!

The Details:

One (1) lucky reader will win a Seriesse Glyco Essentials Deep Pore Cleanser and Triple Action Glycolic Treatment Mask Set

valued at $67.50

NOTE: In entering this contest you are giving us permission to forward your email, name and mailing address to Dana Lee of Seriesse International for fulfillment and mailing of contest prize. Failure to include the above information will disqualify your entry. Mailing address/email will not otherwise be revealed and will not be shown here in entries (hidden). One (1) winner chosen at random will receive this prize. Duplicate entries will be disqualified. Giveaway sponsored by Dana Lee, Seriesse International. Some restrictions may apply. Entries will be accepted through 11:55 pm on Sun., 07/06/08.


  1. Thanks for the opportunity =D

  2. Wow, I really want to try this!! It looks amazing, and I could definitely use the beauty boost!!

  3. Looks like a great product and I would love to win it thanks for the opportunity!

  4. This sounds very good! Would love to try. At 41 my skin still gets complements from friends, but for how much longer?cbdileo@rock.com

  5. I would love to try this product.

  6. I would love to win this. It would help my skin feel great/

  7. If you are 40++, you MUST TRY THE C-EXTREME RESULTS FACIAL RESURFACER! It leaves your face as soft as a baby's bottom & it even looks soft! I am loving several products! The Green Tea Plus (supplement) is the first thing I have used, that has actually helped me lose weight since gaining 60# after ending up in a w/c (and I am not exercising at all). It really curbs my appetite, speeds up the metabolism & gives me energy! Now am looking into the opportunity with the Stallone's so I can get in on the ground floor of this business (the comp plan is better than ANY of the other's I've seen)! It is rare to have the chance to get in on the ground floor too (but those are the ones who become the millionaires/billionaires)!

  8. I love her Serious Skin Care line that's seen on HSN and use products from it every day. I would love to win this! I have not been disappointed with anything that I've tried from her. Thanks for the great contest & please count me in!

  9. wow, this looks awesome. :)

  10. what a great prize, I could use this

  11. I love the facial moisturizer by
    Seriesse Skincare.They are always
    good about sending me samples with
    their mailings.Please enter me
    and thanks for the giveaway



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