Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Flip Flop Frenzy

Another trend you're sure to have noticed is the upscaling of the good old flip flop. Truly, there's nothing to 'em, right? Not much at least. Yet, we're seeing the prices rising higher and higher for a pair.

Are you prepared to pay top dollar for this little trend? As it must be that which drives up the price; certainly not the materials used to craft them.

Case in point: Henri Bendel's Centennial Stripe Bendels. I love this store, but do I really need to pay $48 for a pair of their signature flops? Uhhhh .... no! Now, what amazes me is these things are flying off the shelves. Their online store is sold out of size 8's in every color (there are five shades to choose from). In fact, 1/2 their stock is sold out across the board. What? These don't even claim to tighten, firm or workout your lower body like some others do.

Let's look at those for a second, by the way. These are the FitFlops offered by a number of different retailers, most recognizably by Bliss Spa. These will run you $49.99, BUT these help tone and trim your thighs, your calves and your glutes while you walk in them; they’re biomechanically engineered to absorb shock and lessen joint strain. So these, I wouldn't mind forking out $50 for.

What say you? Is the flip flop phenomenon out of control or are these little peds worth their pennies?

photos: Henri Bendel and Bliss Spa

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