Friday, June 27, 2008

Keira Knightly Revisited

Found in a past issue of Elle magazine now being featured in India, Keira Knightly speaks with interviewer Jeff Gordinier. Here's a little of what was said.

Do you remember the first time you became aware of your sexual prowess?
Oh my God, I don't think I'm aware now... No, you're right. I'm lying. I'm lying. I don't know why I said that. No, I'm not lying actually. I'll just have an argument with myself!

Although seemingly unable to decide, Gordinier believes it's just this kind of tennis playing, the keeping the public guessing, that is key to Keira's label as a classic beauty. He believes it's part of the role she must play in personifying the characteristic.

Gordinier reports Keira's acting efforts were initially written off. Now, however, "she has evolved into a stylist of remarkable delicacy with the mobile, expressive eyes of a silent film star and the piercing, plummy vocal cadences that you'd expect from a grande dame on a West End stage."

He states she's good at tiny gestures. Says Matthew Rhys, who co-starred with her in The Edge of Love, "This is a girl who knows exactly how to work of closeup."



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