Monday, June 2, 2008

2008 MTV Movie Awards Recap

Ellen Page wins Best Female Performance; Briana Evigan and Robert Hoffman win Best Kiss

Hmmm ... not sure this was the best MTV awards show, but ... we'll go with mildly entertaining.
One could just feel "attitude" in the audience as we watched presenters award golden popcorns and viewed skits and performances - some yay, others nay. What was Rhiana so mad about? Anyone else sense that? And anyone notice a little something, I don't know, "off" about Verne Troyer and his lady friend in the the audience. Well, I guess if bizarre is the way to go, MTV would be the venue for showing it.

The dresses were decidedly short this year. Poor Anne Hathaway could hardly move in hers. Let's take a little look.

Gotta say here, Rumer's skin is looking gawjus! Flawless even... and Liv is always stunning.

Christian looking like the fierce, adorable creature he is!

By the way, anyone else weirded out by Tom Cruise? I don't know if the MTV blog site is just needing to be diplomatically positive, but their comments have him described as "sane, funny and cool". Puhlease ... get real folks! You've got the master manipulator up there on stage and you're gonna describe him as sane and cool ... get a grip on reality, fellas!

source: MTV


  1. Loved the women's dresses! I saw a few pics of Lindsay's flying they were indeed very short. In my opinion, Paris had the best look. Loved how it all came together!

  2. Ya know, Leeann, I have to agree with you on Paris (what the hell am I saying?) ... I'm not a fan of hers by any stretch but she really looked like a sweet, feminine doll - so pretty; makeup, dress, hair, all of it.



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