Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Coach Fragrance in LE Bottle ~ Catch Me If You Can

Shhhhh ... don't tell my daughter!

I realize I'm a little late on the bandwagon with the news but chic luggage and tote brand Coach has issued a new limited edition bottle for its debut fragrance Coach, of course, and I thought the info just had to be shared. The fragrance sounds divine, has all the right notes for my liking (see note descriptors below). Now, the 411 on this comes a bit late as apparently this edition of the fragrance has already sold out online. They are referring interested buyers to call around at Coach stores to try and scoop up a bottle, while you still can. If my bella boo (read: teenage daughter) finds out about this bottle, there will be hell to pay in my house until one can be located ... oy veh.

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product imageproduct imageproduct image

Other items available in the Coach beauty battery are:

Coach - the fragrance in its signature, debut bottle - 1.7 oz $68
  • Top note - mandarin, guava, lily, violet leaves
  • Middle note - luscious blend of floral notes built around the Genet flower, surrounded by mimosa and jasmine with a hint of honey
  • Base note - amber, sandalwood, vanilla and a precious wood called iris

Lip Gloss - shades are Gardenia, Hibiscus and Heather - $22
Coach Shimmer Powder Compact w/ Brush - $28
Purse Spray - .27 oz $42
Perfume Solid in vermillion handtag case - .06 oz (soild) $40
Body Lotion - 6.7 oz $38

For more information: Coach


  1. I'm so seduced by the packaging, even as I start to worry that Coach will suffer the same brand over-exposure as Burberry!

  2. So far they're moving fairly slowly with introductions into the beauty arena, including the fragrance, so we'll see. Yes, I agree - it was the bottle that attracted me to even take notice of the notes in the fragrance, so good marketing on their part. xo


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