Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Designs by Delirius: Go Crazy with Clothing Love

Belarus natives Iyra Paboikina and Katya Patsukevich are New York based designers with a new unique, cutting-edge vision. The focus of their debut line, DELIRIUS, is comfort and individuality. Their initial spring-summer 2008 collection is the fusion of ultra-soft feminine fabrics, unexpected trims and chic and beautiful silhouettes, inspired by the concept ‘The world is not the same anymore’. The pieces embody the movement and change that is so evident in today’s world.

Inspired by the city of New York itself, the designers strive to capture the fine line between elegance, sensuality and originality. The designs are unique but at the same time extremely flattering and body conscious, flirty and chic. Beautifully draped tops are ideal to pair with denim, and charming, beautifully tailored dresses are perfect for any occasion. It is not about casual or dressy or day or night. Rather, it is about beauty, comfort and attitude. This is a very fresh, feminine collection with focus on comfort - love it!

To learn more about Delirius or to purchase the fashions, see Delirius Designs.

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