Thursday, July 17, 2008



Protégé of: Rita Hazan, celebrity colorist

Hair history: “I was an art major in college, a painter. Right out of college, I worked in the corporate world in sales, and I wasn’t loving what I was doing. I wanted to do something more creative, and hair color is a lot like painting every day.”

What she’s learned from Rita: “Highlights should be an accent to pretty color. You should wear your hair; it shouldn’t wear you. She’s an expert at creating a color for someone that they are comfortable with—if you pick a color that is too bold for someone’s personality, they won’t be happy with it. You find a hair color that fits the person.”

Desert-island product: “Anything from the Nigel line—it’s very conditioning. If your hair is healthy, the color will read better.”


“When Carrie started working with me, I immediately saw her natural talent,” says Hazan. “She has the ability to see color in a very detailed way. She also has a great sense of style and she shows it through her work—gorgeous tones. I like that my colorists listen and pay attention to their clients and know what they want even when they don’t know.”

Rita Hazan Salon, 720 Fifth Avenue, 11th Floor, New York, NY, 212.586.4343


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