Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lash Out - Then and Now

@ Alberta Ferretti, doe-eyed doll lashes (several coats on top and bottom lashes)

It's no question bedroom eyes and long, sultry lashes were all over the runway this fall with much of the makeup signifying a nod to the great eyelash icons of the past decades. Elle asked Shu Uemura's resident lash connoisseur, Soul Lee ('cuz who better to address lashes than a Shu person), to revisit lash goddesses of the past for a little lash envy. Along the way, Lee offers tips on how to achieve the lash you want.

  • Marilyn Monroe is the original master of the sultry, sideways gaze. But according to author David Givens, her penetrating glances weren't just a token of her deliberate sex appeal. In his book Love Signals, Givens contends that when a woman gazes at someone she is attracted to, her lids involuntarily droop slightly, creating the look of "bedroom eyes."
  • Twiggy epitomized the innocent-yet-seductive look that only a gaunt, elfin goddess (and an adolescent 16-year-old) can evoke. According to Givens, longer, separated eyelashes actually make an adult face appear to have the proportions of a baby's, which adds sweetness and youth to a woman's face.
  • Elizabeth Taylor's signature Cleopatra cat eyes were fierce and sexy. Her lashes extend way beyond the outer edges of her eyes, says Lee, making her eyes look smaller and mysterious.
  • Bette Davis' eyes were famous for their intensity and drama, and her signature wide-eyed look made her beautiful and engaging. Wider eyes give a cue that you are interested in someone, says Givens, which signals an invitation for them to approach.

  • Several fall shows mimicked Marilyn's seductive stare with long, sweeping lashes. At Seduzioni, lashes and red lips were the focus, creating a retro style echoing the actress's signature look.
  • The makeup at the Dior show this season channeled Taylor's '60s Cleopatra look with added drama, using false lashes set a quarter of an inch below the bottom lash line and eyeliner half an inch above the upper lash line.
  • At the Tracy Reese show this season, the models' lashes were emphasized by creating extra volume across the eyes, without focusing on a certain area. Heavy mascara on the bottom lashes and a smoky powder liner helped to widen the eyes even more.

  • "All the glamorous ladies of Marilyn's era wore lashes," says Lee. "She keeps the rest of her makeup simple, just red lips and lashes—classically sexy." Get Marilyn's unforgettable cat eyes with false lashes that are slanted, gradually lengthening at the outer edges of the eyes. Shu Uemura false eyelashes slant black, $20, at shuuemura-usa.com
  • To get the wide-eyed look with some extra help, Lee suggests picking a pair of false lashes for the top that are longer in the center of the lash, which will make the eyes look more open. If you're up for extreme drama, apply a set of shorter lashes on the bottom to complete the look. MAC 7 Lash and 17 Lash, $12 each, at maccosmetics.com
  • To create a more subtle version of this look, Lee says to focus on the lashes on the outer corners of the eyes. Use a mini lash curler—hold a warm blow-dryer on it for a few seconds to heat it up first—to create the dramatic curve upward. Shu Uemura mini eyelash curler, $17, at shuuemura-usa.com
  • Get Bette Davis's luscious, natural-looking lashes by strengthening your own. Use a lash conditioner nightly to increase lash growth and fullness and when going out, line upper and lower lashes with a smoky shadow for subtle drama. Lee recommends this one but it's a bit pricey an investment for my purposes. Revitalash, $150, at revitalash.com

  • To create naturally curved lashes without the falsies, apply one coat of curling mascara to your lashes and then apply another coat just to the outer corners.Lancôme Virtuôse Black Carat mascara, $24, at lancome-usa.com
  • For a more subtle take on the Twiggy look, pick a mascara formula that will give you extra length, not volume, says Lee. Hold the mascara wand vertically and allow the lashes to clump a bit together to form little spikes. Apply an extra coat to the center of the lashes to open up the eyes. Fiberwig mascara, $22, at sephora.com or Blinc KissMe mascara, $24 at sephora.com.
  • For really full, curly, lush, thick sexy lashes, this mascara is extremely long wearing, smear-proof, sweat-proof, smudgeproof, sleep-proof, flake-free and water resistant. Mirenesse Secret Weapon, $27, Mirenesse.
  • Coat your lashes with a rich black mascara—Dior has a great Blackout shade—applying one coat all over the lashes and several coats on the outer corners to emphasize and lengthen the lashes outwardly. Dior Iconic mascara, $27, visit sephora.com for more information.

source: elle.com


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  2. Great post! I love the facts, and all the info--very entertaining! PS...I nominated you for an awrd on my blog =)


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