Sunday, July 20, 2008

Why Does the Media Do Such Things?

Ya know, it just frustrates me to read the kind of idiotic garbage thrown at us in the media sometimes. Take for instance this piece above. That little gem appears on the homepage of today. For those of us who don't know any better and who won't take the time to actually READ the article attached to the image, it seems as though someone, somewhere, probably with more sense than the average person has (one would assume), is saying conditioner - as a whole - is a bad hair mistake. Those of us who know better will know this is a ridiculous statement to make.

Because of my disgust alone, I read the article linked to the image. The piece is written by Sally Wadyka. I did a google search to see what else Sally might be linked to in the realm of hair expertise. Turns out she has written numerous pieces for MSN's Lifestyle section, one or two others on hair. Sally talks with Renee Cohen, named as senior stylist for Serge Normant at John Frieda, New York City (a google search of Renee comes up with nothing in way of hair info by the way). I'm sure Renee is an expertly trained styling professional, so I'm not trying to downgrade the advise coming from that source. What I'm questioning is the way this information is presented in this article.

The title of the article is The Dirty Dozen: 12 Hair Mistakes You May Be Making. Clever, isn't it - mistakes you MAY be making? I'll try not to pick it apart too much. On read, the article actually has some decent info, hints and tips. When we get to the actual item on conditioner, it turns out what the source is espousing is not to use too much conditioner if one has fine, limp hair. A bit of a different tune than the one sung in that image above, don't you think? The other complaint I have is the magical #12. One can almost feel the digging that had to be done to come up with a whole 12 items just for the sake of giving the title of the article life.

Ok, I'm done. I just had to draw attention to that. Why do media outlets feel they need to trick us into reading their stuff? And why draw on fear - oh, you better stop using that conditioner, miss, you may be hurting your hair - kind of mentality? Please - we're smarter than that - right? Give me your comments!

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  1. Drama sells, and attention-grabbing headlines will get the clicks. That's just the way it is. I have been known to wait on pins and needles through the commercials for a big story that turned out to be not much of anything at all. It's unfortunate.


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