Thursday, July 3, 2008

Elie Saab Fall 2008 Couture Collection

model - Ai Tominaga; photo: Marcio Madeira

You know, it's in viewing collections like the Elie Saab Fall 2008 Couture Collection that I contemplate the potential advantages of finding myself a sugar daddy. Right? I mean, just for the sake of hypothetical thinking, how many of these gorgeous pieces could I get away with buying if my sugar daddy was extra generous? Stop judging me, I'm allowed to dream. And speaking of dream, Elie Saab has assembled a spectacular visual treatise of fairytale delicacy in this collection. The color choices themselves are reminiscient of a muted palette right out of the Renaissance art era; the sumptuous use of taffeta and intricate floral applique' atop sheer fabric epitomize femininity and his fitting to the female form is exquisitly precise.

A peek at some of the detailing and makeup:
I love the dramatic updos, peachy coral lips, smokey eyes and burgundy nail polish, reminds me of Chanel Vamp.

Models - Andreea Stancu, Laura Blokhina, unk, Ai Tominaga, Jill Bauwens, Yana Karpova, Alison Nix, Tatyana Usova, Michelle Alves, Yasmin Warsame; photos - Don Ashby


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