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SHEA TERRA ORGANICS: African Lemongrass Indigenous Black Soap Elixir

African Lemongrass Indigenous Black Soap Elixir

Skin healer!

Acne, black heads, unsightly skin? Never fear, black soap is here! If you're having trouble imagining lathering up in a soap as black as tar, read on. Many spa owners and beauty magazine editors had the same thought, but now they live by this ancient remedy for amazingly beautiful skin. Shea Terra's Indigenous Black Soap Elixir evens skin tone, dries out and prevents acne, speeds up healing of open wounds, diminishes razor bumps, and dissolves the "glue" that holds on dead skin cells. Yes siree it does.

If you've been following some of my repertoire for any small time, you'll know that this would be something my household would relish. I have combination skin (facial) but my arms tend to be very dry. I'm prone to those little bumps that some of us get on my upper arms especially. On the other hand, my teenage son has been battling acne this year. I introduced the African Lemongrass Indigenous Black Soap Elixir to him, and as you may expect, he cringed. Oh ye of little faith - right?

So, what's happened now is he's tried it when he washes his face at night. And, of course, he loved it! The scent of this particular variety is really a light, fresh lemongrass - pure to its very name; not at all over-powering. I've found that to be true with all the Shea Terra scents actually. I'm convinced that it is his use of the elixir in combination with 3x weekly applications of the Alaska Glacial Mud Masque that has his facial skin looking clear and bright again. Alleluia!

As for my skin, when I can find the elixir (as it's generally somewhere in boy child's room), I really enjoy the experience of using it in the shower. The blackness of it doesn't bother me one bit, in fact I rather like knowing I'm using it. My skin feels great after I've used it. I do believe there is something to the healing nature of these ingredients which produces the wonderful results, and with the added use of Shea Terra Organics' luscious Dead Sea Salt Scrubs, it does seem to work miracles. Ok, now I know I usually don't put the review before the details about the products from their creators, but as I said in my prior Shea Terra post, I'm having a hard time not yelling from the rooftops about how wonderful they are! So, now, off to what else you'll want to know ...

Per Shea Terra:
  • Modern "miracle" cosmeceuticals make promising claims that most often turn out disappointing. And often, when they do deliver results, the chemicals they are made from can have devastating long term effects. Not so with centuries old Indigenous Black Soap. Created in Africa from indigenous plants, natives have been successfully treating difficult skin ailments before the onslaught of modern cosmeceuticals.
  • Beware of inferior and imitation black soaps. Due to the popularity of black soap some companies have added dye to make their soaps appear original. Some black soaps, due to improper formulations can cause harsh skin reactions. Shea Terra Organics has been offering black soap products from master soap makers of the Yoruba tribe for almost a decade. Our soap is gentle yet highly effective.
  • Who are the Yoruba? The Yoruba of West Africa is a tribe of people descended from Egypt. They have been known throughout history for their highly developed form of medicine, similar to Ayurveda of India, much of which they brought with them from Egypt.

Benefits to Skin:
  • skin rejuvenation
  • skin renewal
  • speeds up skin healing
  • evens skin tone
  • dries up acne
  • draws out skin impurities
  • dissolves "skin glue" to remove dead skin cells

Shea Terra black soap is actually paw paw fruit, plantain leaves, cocoa pods, coconut and herbs that are burned into an ash where oils of palm, sesame, coconut and Shea butter are added. This is the process that makes the soap naturally black. Their black soap elixirs are also available in Mint Marrakesh and Rose Hip & Red Bush scents. They retail for around $18 an eight-ounce (8 oz) bottle and are 100% natural!

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For more information or to purchase: Shea Terra Organics

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