Saturday, July 5, 2008

SHEA TERRA ORGANICS: Pink Guava Pomegranate Indigenous Body Butter

Pink Guava Pomegranate Indigenous Body Butter

This ultimate, healing body butter pampers skin with nourishing shea butter and African herbs. Considered to be the fruit of paradise, fertility, and longevity, it is no wonder ancient women coveted the pomegranate as their secret to beauty. This anti-aging super fruit is known to fight disease and aging with its potent dose of antioxidants and punicic acid. In this sensual combination, pomegranate couples with intoxicating pink guava. Pink guava's tantalizing nectar promenades the soul with a melody of dry sweetness and a kiss of tangy tartness. Wild harvested African herbs of aloe ferox, kigelli and African potato tone and encourage skin renewal. Forty percent organic shea butter deeply moisturizes the skin, penetrating deep beneath the epidermis to deliver valuable nutrients. This potent blend reduces stretch marks, soothes eczema and sends dry skin running.

99% Natural. Paraben Free. No Artificial Fragrances. Contains 40% Shea Butter.

Doing good: Shea Terra Organics knows that sustainability is the key to Africa's success. In addition to supporting sustainable growth through trade, Shea Terra also purchases goods through NGOs teaching natives to support themselves while preserving their environment. Purchases of baobab oil and indigenous herbs from the Miombo forest help to save it from foreign logging and local slash and burn farming. Reforestation projects underway are aimed at planting trees economically beneficial for food, medicine and non-consumable goods. Honey, propolis and beeswax purchased from a cooperative in Uganda supports one of many other NGO projects that Shea Terra works with closely to empower natives with the knowledge and means that they need to have self governing and healthier lives.

Shea Terra Organics' herbal formulations have healed, soothed and revived thousands of bodies across the globe. Shea Terra's concentrated formulas of exotic African oils and herbs have won it a reputation for performing small miracles. But the real Shea Terra Organics legacy lies in Africa's people, wildlife and land. We've embarked on a global mission knowing that what happens in Africa affects the entire world. If we can save one forest we offset the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. If we can stimulate economic growth through sustainable means then we have empowered a people. And if we can nourish a little body and feed a mind then we have empowered one person to be capable of hope and change.

REVIEW: Another winner! This cream, Pink Guava Pomegranate Indigenous Body Butter, is so decadently rich and firm. The scent is truly one of sweet ripe fruit with a hint of tartness. With a whopping 40% organic shea butter in this cream, it goes to work instantly and is readily absorbed into the skin. There is no greasy, oily feel at all. What results is wonderful hydration and toned skin. Instead of using essential oils, Shea Terra has created a blend of all-natural sweet pink guava essence and tart pomegranate extract which give this body butter a vibrant, fresh aroma, and as with the other Shea Terra products, not at all overpowering. So, here's what I like best about the body butter:
  • healing to all skin types
  • loaded with antioxidants, minerals and skin soothing herbs
  • contains the anti-aging superfruit - pomegranate
  • the intoxicating, yet very light scent on pink guava
  • richly high content of organic shea butter
  • luxury in a jar for under $20, an incredible bargain

Shea Terra products are available at Shea Terra Organics, Nordstrom and b-glowing.

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