Monday, July 7, 2008

Creme d'Olives: Skincare on a High Note

Crème d'Olives calls their cream "the Mediterranean diet for beautiful skin". The namesake, the olive tree, is recognized the world over as a symbol of peace and embodies the Mediterranean region's rich Greco tradition. The creation of Barcelona physician Fernando Aleu, MD, Crème d'Olives boasts an all natural composition, infusing that rich, Greco tradition with today's Mediterranean health secrets and modern advances in scientific research and manufacturing techniques.

The difference in this skincare product is its use of key ingredients - olive leaf extract - a powerful antioxidant, and pea extract, both of which protect elastic tissue important to the maintenance of proper skin tone. The claim is that together these naturally occurring ingredients help slow down the aging process.

Crème d'Olives is an extra rich, hyper moisturizing, nourishing and protective skincare product derived from natural substances: extracts of olive leaf, peas, cannabis seeds (yes, those), Mediterranean herbs, vitamins and minerals.

Here is what they say about the benefits:

ACME - as in highest point, or "peak" of perfection
  • A - Antioxidant: Oxidation is a complex process cause by free radicals that break down the skin's structure. The natural antioxidants in Crème d'Olives inhibit this process and help prolong the skin's youthfulness.
  • C - Circulation: The cream is applied by gently patting the skin (as opposed to rubbing it in), which in combination with hits ingredients increases micro-circulation, boosting nutrient levels and flushing waste by-products.
  • M - Moisturizing: The painstaking way in which oil and water are bonded together in Crème d'Olives results in a formula that increases moisture retention in the skin.
  • E - Elasticity: The cream helps preserve the skin's elastic components and produce a paradoxical "firm-softness" effect, which decreases the appearance of aging, eliminates dryness, and leaves skin feeling protected, relaxed and radiant.

REVIEW: This is a unique product in its texture. It's quite creamy, but you'll notice as you pat it onto skin that it has almost an adhesiveness to it. Should you try to blend it in with fingers instead of patting it on, you'd certainly rub your skin too harshly. The cream is kind of a light green shade in color. I've been enjoying patting it onto forehead lines and fine lines and wrinkles around my eye area. It's doing a nice job at maintaining and improving elasticity and tone, though I'm not noticing any real diminishing of lines (though it doesn't purport to do so). I like the light, fresh scent. It's very similar to L'Occitane olive products if you're familiar with those - clean and fresh. It gains this scent from its natural fragrance content (nothing added to enhance fragrance). The packaging is nice - white, glass jar containing 2 oz., but a tad pricey at $125. Final analysis is I really like this cream and will use it sparingly to treat myself, but not something I HAVE to have at this price.

welcome to Zitomer Crème d'Olives is available at Zitomer.


  1. I love this product and I wish I could find it a bit cheaper! If anyone knows a way to get it at a discount please inform. My skin is radiant with this cream.

    1. I bought a couple tubes of the cleanser and a couple of the body balm for a nickel a piece! Sample tubes. I wish now I had bought a thousand!

    2. I bought a couple tubes of the cleanser and a couple of the body balm for a nickel a piece! Sample tubes. I wish now I had bought a thousand!


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