Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Tale From a Young Portuguese Author + The Beach

image: DailyCandy

I've got beach reading on the brain, please allow me a little veering from the usual topics. Headed for the sugary, white sands and emerald green waters of Destin, FL in a few days and I'm craving good reads to bring with me. Daily Candy gave me this little recommendation - and I think I just may take 'em up on it.

Here's a tease from them about the book:

Young Portuguese author, José Luís Peixoto, writes a new-to-English novel, The Implacable Order of Things, and delves into a magical realism reminiscent of dreams. Told through myriad voices (including that of a talking trunk) across two generations in a poor Portuguese village, this story treads dark waters. From suicide and seduction to marriage, childbirth and betrayal, the plot never tires. Add a giant, some Siamese twins, and a blind prostitute, and you’ve got one maddening microcosm. Peixoto’s characters are certainly no lightweights, continually vacillating between pain and passion, bound to a cyclical torment that even Sartre would wince at. (But, hey, maybe that’s because the devil himself lives in town, too.)

Well, maybe not fairies and lollipops, but I could go for a little something different. I'm interested to see what this young Portuguese writer will share with the reader in terms of cultural themes and passions.

source: Daily Candy

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